Types of Membership

There are four classes of membership of the association:

  • Ordinary Membership
  • Overseas Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Honorary Membership


Ordinary Membership:

Registered Medical Practitioners based in Ireland who are employed by:

  1. a pharmaceutical company, or
  2. an organisation working on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, or
  3. a statutory body involved in the regulation of drugs

and whose primary function is the practice of pharmaceutical medicine.


Overseas Membership:

Registered Medical Practitioners who fulfil the criteria described for Ordinary Membership but who are based outside of Ireland.


Associate Membership:

Registered Medical Practitioners or other suitably qualified persons who have a professional or academic interest in pharmaceutical medicine.


Honorary Members:

The Committee of the Association may, at its discretion, invite any person who has rendered special services to pharmaceutical medicine to become an Honorary Member of the Association.


Membership Application

Applicants for Ordinary, Overseas and Associate membership must make a signed declaration of eligibility for membership and the application must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association. All applications will be decided upon by the Committee of the Association.