Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians of Ireland

The Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians of Ireland was formed to promote the development of Pharmaceutical Medicine in Ireland.

The function of the association is to assist its members in keeping fully informed of advances in Pharmaceutical Medicine and related areas. In addition the Association hopes to improve communication between pharmaceutical physicians, the medical profession as a whole and others involved in this exciting discipline. These goals are acheived primarily by holding regular meetings for members and in some cases guests, where topics relevant to the practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine are discussed and debated.

The membership of the Association is drawn from medical practitioners who have an interest in drug development and use whether their primary involvement stems from an industry, regulatory, academic or clinical background. Membership to the APPI is currently open only to registered medical practitioners. Physicians in the Association may work within the pharmaceutical industry, a clinical research organisation, the regulatory authority, or in academic or clinical research posts.

The APPI is a not-for-profit association and exists solely for the benefit of its members. It’s only source of income is from subscriptions of its members.

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